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e621 2013 <3 alashion_(fursona) angry annoyed bare_chest bdsm belt birthday birthday_sex black_fur blush bulge canine clothed clothing collar comic computer crossdressing cum cum_in_mouth cum_inside dialogue digital_media_(artwork) duo ear_piercing english_text feline fellatio freckles fur girly humor it's_a_trap katsuke katsuke_(character) legwear long_tongue looking_at_viewer male male/male mammal markings master miniskirt open_mouth oral panties pet piercing red_fur red_markings sex skimpy skirt slave slavery sleeves speech_bubble standing stockings striped_bottomwear striped_legwear submissive teeth text thong tongue twink underwear wolf

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A mouth full of cum is a lovely present. :3


no need to say what I want hohohohoho ;DD

I was about to say he wanted piaya.

oh god i love boys wearing skirts.


i forgot i cant delete comments here.


Lol "yif yiff" on the screen :p


Wouldn't mind being his master ;D

DJ_Kamilo said:
i forgot i cant delete comments here.

You can "hide" them, that's basically the same.

Wouldn't this count as a twink?

Alphonse said:
Wouldn't this count as a twink?

bc of the skirt and full length stockings? not when i went to school

ZolLink said:
Wouldn't mind being his master ;D

and I wouldn't mind being his slave...


Lol, hat's off to the person who added the "It's a trap" tag XD

Alashion said:
Oh my comments on me sucking Katpenis. owo *Waves*

Share! :I

this would be cute if there wasn't half-arsed porn involved. and Im not talking about the "yiff yiff" on his computer screen