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should have been Doctor Hooves instead of Luna

But they have wings. D:

Lunaz said:



AfricanOldman said:
should have been Doctor Hooves instead of Luna

Nevermind that this is a John Joseco piece for his Ask Molestia tumblr, in which Luna has a very friendly relationship with Derpy (There've been hints at perhaps a little more), so really the two of them as the subjects of this piece fit perfectly with the ponyverse he's created.

That guy seems to play every hyped game.... <,<


toliet_trees said:
I'd say this ruined that game, but the game's creators already did a pretty good job of that.

Careful now, everybody. You don't want to cut yourselves on this guy's rapier wit.


toliet_trees said:
Indeed. You almost bled to death.

Just so.

JIGIT said:
ну и мудак же ты, а еще русский, стыдно мне за таких как ты и за нацию нашу вцелом из-за подобных тебе!

Не обращай внимания на тролля, таких в любой стране хватает. Интересно, сколько тут еще русскоговорящих зарегистрировано?

"teh gam was terible, it has no multiplayer and no killstreaks! *shot*"

That's me if I was a CoD lover, but, since I am a fair, and balanced gamer, I have to say, BioShock Infinite looks pretty good, did pretty good with sales, and over all, was a good game, although it's lack of multiplayer may have hurt it, but BioShock 2 had forced multiplayer, so I'm thinking Irrational Games is going in the right direction with the series.

DirigibleQuixote said:
Careful now, everybody. You don't want to cut yourselves on this guy's rapier wit.

This. This comment just won all of the votes.

I wonder if derpy has a long-lost father