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e621 2013 3d animal_genitalia animated anus balls cgi cowgirl_position cum cum_in_pussy cum_inside cutie_mark dragon-v0942 duo equine erection female female_on_top feral friendship_is_magic fur horse horsecock male mammal micset my_little_pony on_top original_character pegasus penetration penis pony princess_celestia_(mlp) pussy sex source_filmmaker straight text vaginal vaginal_penetration white_fur wings

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Is this a SFM flash?

The animation is nice, I voted up both versions!

Even creator of this flash says this is made with SFM, i didnt knew this is actually possible in it O.o

I think her butt hole is trying to tell us something

That's one fuckin' lucky OC horse

MMM...Dat Ass!

As a whole, it's rather well made.
The taint however is a tad bit overshot, the anus kinda pokes out a bit oddly, and the pelvis needs to be taken in mind. But otherwise it works :P

Could have had some mottling on Celestia though imo. But at least it mostly seems like it was aiming for correct genitals ;3

3D version of Banned From Equestria

Släneri said:
wonderful, they let us use SFM to make something and all humans do with good technology is that they always turn to porn....

You're trying to be philosophical? Here? Do you realize how infrequently porn is made with SFM? Get real, man.

New dimensions of "Want + Celestia" just occurred within me!

Nice work on the animation, but I'd recommend working on that anus. It personally reminds me of a humongous zit crater as it is, and it appears to be puckering out way too much.
Also, any reason the cum is glowing?