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Another update to the text game series :)

Helia will now offer to anally train herself if you’ve got a dick bigger than her ass can handle. There’s two one-time scenes that can be activated from her talk menu (which has some options consolidated down into it) so long as your want is big enough and you’ve got a goblin ale for her to use.

Shouldra forcing herself on you if you don’t tend to her needs for some time no longer happens if you are genderless as there were a number of genital errors present in it.

Cum multiplier is now capped at 9999. If the value goes over, it will update down to 9999 at time passage. Similarly, ball size is capped at 400. This is to help prevent cum quantities from getting so high that the game can’t handle it. I don’t really like capping these things, but I prefer this to people complaining that they broke the game with their jizz.

Phylla’s explanation about pregnancy changes a little bit if you were too big to stick it in now.

The canine pepper fantasies now handle genderless without crying themselves to sleep at night.

Urta’s sitter won’t try to harvest your eggs while you’re pregnant anymore.

Urta no longer orders a bunch of booze if you tell her to drink more while she’s pregnant!

Since Jojo’s token against Holli is consumed when used, if you use it and run, you will not be able to summon Jojo for the next attempt.

A pile of prisoner416 typo reports.

Other typo odds and ends.