e621 adam_wan animal_genitalia anthro armpits blur breasts canine depth_of_field dog duo female fully_sheathed hand_on_shoulder hug kineta male male/female mammal nipples nude sheath side_view standing tongue


Anal!? But sweety, is our relation ready for that?


I'd hit it. :3

Awkward tits in an otherwise good, old drawing.

6 years ago

This is supposedly a full length cartoon movie yiff porn thingy that Adam Wan's working on that he'll never release to the public supposedly ... or something like that.

Anyone know anymore about it?

Makes perfect fucking sense, toil on an animation for years only for nobody to ever see it.
Welcome to the Furry Faildom *[acepalm*

It's probably just a rumor. The guy has done some quality animation; it's an easy assumption to make. It isn't logical though.

<em>...What? Yeah, I made it! I'm just not gonna show you. Or anyone else...But I did make it, yep. Absolutely.</em>

I'm sure you did, Adam. I'm s u r e you did.

Probably just got lazy and refuses to admit failure.

I'd heard the same thing about this being a screen-shot of some long or full-length feature animation. About the only porn projects that most furry artists can actually follow through on seems to be porn CDs and portfolios with 10 colored pictures in them.

He probably scrapped this and restarted it so that Kineta could be a cub-sized character ;3

she's saying "NOM NOM NOM!"

Omfg hes saying "Sorry I'm Gay now"
He has bad taste xD


Same setting, same room, same characters. Just slightly different pose... http://e621.net/post/show/477