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April 3: The tag script source bug has been fixed, feel free to tag script away!

March 31: Big update tonight! (No, this is not an April Fool's Day joke). Highlights include a fix for the 'duplicate or inferior' flag reason, and a way to lock your theme so it never changes with new seasons. Check here for all the changes.

March 22: A new flag reason is now available: "This image has been deleted before". Also, remember to choose the most accurate reason for deletion. For example, if you upload a repost, please choose "This post is a duplicate", not "I uploaded the file by mistake".

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e621 avian belly_expansion comic competition cutaway dragon equine feline female group gryphon happy head_first horse inflation krazinik male mammal reptile scalie snake soft_vore the_vore_house_of_klyneth tiger vore

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GSSF said:
Someone tell me the artist name in this very moment... or I'll search it for myself >:}

"Art is done by Krazinik "
From the description at the source.

.... The kids were never seen again ...

sendea said:
.... The kids were never seen again ...

Actually, according to the series, they're stomachs don't produce any acid for part of the year or month or something.
They just spit them out

Bazil said:
actully dragon bellys strech better then snakes do that dragon is an eastern hes NOT a western. westerns down right have a bottemless belly lol Look at vorelord

You want to challenge someone to a vore off ill nom everyone up and stil want more *ancient grin*

Easterns are panzys lol

You're just making up nonsense.