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Trace from 2kinds gets recast.

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Wow, this is nicely animated


artiste is "tom_fischbach" ?

What just happened?


interesting but needs more to it more story


please do more!!!


Desmo said:
What just happened?

*read in demoman's voice*


Desmo said:
What just happened?

Your guess is as good as mine...I blame basitin black magic lol


stickdude32 said:
Damn Eric paints fast.
Painting is up right after she leaves.
That and Flora knows about her as well.

The stuffs! They make little sense!

I think it's more that... history is re-writing itself?

If you look at the painting before she walks past it, it's different...

3 years ago
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User: Sods
Date: July 02, 2012

Tom didn't do every 2k thing. I found it as bendzz.

maybe he just has painted him/her before

Walking animation was a little stiff...but I like this. The more subtle movements were much more fluid though so it evens out