News - Mar 27, 2015 (3 days ago)

Everything should be accessible again now, if something doesn't work try clearing the cache.

▼ New FFD option: Previously deleted

Also, please choose the most fitting FFD option starting from the top, if you upload something and pick "Uploader requests deletion" over "inferior version" when you realize it's a repost is bad, mmkay.

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ZodiacSector5 said:
that's a weird penis?

ZodiacSector5 said:
that's a weird penis?

They come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. If you find a book called Penis's for Dummies, they even have names for the most common seen shapes.


Loved this when it was a picture. Now all I can say is :D

Narse needs to make more of these


I detest that there is no option to change the quality.

That's the same swallow sound from Oblivion.


Finally a decent m/f feral Dragon Porn Flash, it's a rare candy we got there :D


those eyes..
I..I c-can't..fap...


Is this what I think it is? A challenger to Jasonafex approaches!


Its so relaxing to listen to.

There's a story that goes with the drawing. It's on FA somewhere, I forget though. If you find it, it's pretty awesome.

The sounds were a nice touch!
Speaking of touch, I fapped to this.

Watch those teeth! *cringes*

this is one of my favorites. and I know, why. because it is good work

very fucking hot!! thank you :)

its so hot i love it