News - Apr 14, 2014 (9 days ago)

ALL USERS: Please assign a working e-mail address to your account. It does not have to be your primary or main account, but it does have to be something you have access to on a regular basis.

This is for if you run into an issue where you cannot recall your password, or if it doesn't work for any other reason, you can reset it immediately instead of waiting on an admin to receive your request.

Under no circumstances will an administrator or moderator of e621, an employee of Dragonfruit, or an employee of Bad Dragon ever ask you for your password. If you encounter that situation, contact website management immediately.

e621 2013 big_butt blush butt coffee_cup crown cup cutie_mark duo equine facesitting female forced friendship_is_magic fur hair horn horse huge_butt looking_at_viewer looking_back looking_down lying mammal monochrome my_little_pony on_back pony princess princess_celestia_(mlp) royal_guard_(mlp) royalty sitting smothering trinity-fate62 winged_unicorn wings

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well damn !

Lucky bastard.

That gorgeous sunbutt~♥