e621 4_toes all_fours atabal90 blue_eyes bound disney feline female feral forced forced_oral fur lion looking_back mammal nala open_mouth oral oral_penetration orange_fur outside penetration pink_nose pussy raised_tail rape sex solo tentacle_rape tentacle_sex tentacles the_lion_king toes triple_penetration vaginal vaginal_penetration white_fur yellow_sclera

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PRetty sure this is new ^,^

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5 years ago
ambiguous_gender animated cat dancing eyewear feline fur gangnam_style grey_fur humor low_res mammal pusheen pusheen_corp solo sunglasses waving

Rating: Safe
Score: 66
User: Peekaboo
Date: December 31, 2013

Are those throns or are they just bumps?

Removed tags pertaining to anal. The "vine" is only preparing to enter her anus and is not even in contact with it.

Gora said:
Are those throns or are they just bumps?

I think those are just bumps, I think there would be blood if they were thorns...

Removed the penis tags because the lack of any phalli

In the lion, yes in the lion, the jungle sleeps tonight!~