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e621 2013 anal anal_penetration anatomically_correct anatomically_correct_pussy animal_genitalia anthro anthrofied apple_bloom_(mlp) blush cub cum cunnilingus cutie_mark_crusaders_(mlp) dialog domination dragon english_text equine equine_pussy female female_domination female_ejaculation fisting flaccid friendship_is_magic group horn horse interspecies male mammal my_little_pony oral oral_sex peeing penetration penis pony pubes pussy pussy_juice scalie scootaloo_(mlp) sex sex_toy smudge_proof spike_(mlp) straight sweetie_belle_(mlp) text uncut unicorn urine vaginal watersports young

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First one.

Note: One has human, one mixed, and one equine.

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7 months ago
2013 big_ears blue_eyes english_text equine female friendship_is_magic fur gradient_background hair horse long_hair looking_at_viewer mammal my_little_pony phurie pink_fur pink_hair pinkamena_(mlp) pinkie_pie_(mlp) pony portrait signature smile solo soul_devouring_eyes teeth text 

Rating: Safe 
Score: 23 
User: Falord 
Date: October 11, 2013

Odd knees on spike.

Okay, I can't respond to person above me for some reason, but:
It's his regular 'patterned' knee, plus a down-turned male symbol.

Falord said:
Odd knees on spike.

Please, it's 'The Artist formerly known as Spike.'

GarethGobulcoque said:
Please, it's 'The Artist formerly known as Spike.'

I will send the image around to press on floppy disks.