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Well, it has litterally been years in the making, but here is the complete version of Hokinko Inn and although it's not quite to the level I wish it were, I think this is just a demonstration of how high my standards are. Truthfully, I believe this is a great game and have no doubt people will enjoy playing it through.

This game couldn't have been made without the collaboration from numerous artists, including Milos Tavca, Turbo and others. Sadly, I no longer am in contact with any of them, nor do I believe they have FA accounts. Still, the game couldn't have been made without their hard work.

So, without further adue, here it is, a game with about 5 years in the making, Hokinko Inn!

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This is actually better than I expected. Good job.


Its different every time isnt it

Okay so, near as I can figure, this game gets randomized each time you play it. Imma give a little guide on the playthrough where I won. Give your own if you figured it out with a different scenario.

In my game Tora was the guilty party. I played twice but I noticed on my second playthrough one piece of evidence was different - the towel, found in the kitchen.
Now, to get all the evidence you need to do several things
First, pick up the boom box in the living room and show it to each of the guests. They'll all confirm it belongs to Tora.
Next you pick up the towel in the kitchen, show it to each person, and then finally to Bernard. He admits to having used it to clean up a mess.
Next you want the chat logs found in Tora's bag. after showing them round to everyone again, present them to Saxton and he admits to them being his logs.
After that, it's time for accusations! use the boom box when Tora asks for proof it's him, the towel when he asks why it's not Bernard and the chat logs when he asks why it's not Saxton.
Hooray porn!
Kinda disappointed you can't come out and say it was you who took the fox. Ohwell!


elad said:
Okay so, near as I can figure, this game gets randomized each time you play it. Imma give a little guide on the playthrough where I won. Give your own if you figured it out with a different scenario.

Guide number two!

In this scenario it was Bernard! If you see the pink magazine in the library, this is the solution to your game!
First, grab the honey lotion. Be sure to show it to Andy because he confirms it belongs to Bernard.
Next, as before, you want to find the chat logs from Tora's bag in the gym. Show them around to everyone and then confront Saxton with them in the library. He'll admit they're his.
Next you want the dirty magazine in the library. Show it around to everyone, then confront Tora with it. He'll admit it's actually a paw magazine, and he may have a thing for the bunny.
After that it's time for accusations! After selecting Bernard, present the lotion as evidence that it's him. When he asks could to be Tora you present the porn mag (while graciously covering for his fetish), then when he inquires about Saxton, show the chat logs in his defence.
I found I had to repeat a few steps because for some reason the accusation round wasn't happening.
Presumably if you don't see the porn mag OR the towel in the kitchen, the answer has to be Saxton, but I haven't gotten that ending yet.


elad said:
Okay so, near as I can figure, this game gets randomized each time you play it. Imma give a little guide on the playthrough where I won. Give your own if you figured it out with a different scenario.

Guide number three!

Saxton this time! If you see the fox plush in the kitchen, this one is for you!
First go to the kitchen and grab the towel and the fox plush. Show the plush to Andy and he can confirm it belongs to Saxton. Confront Saxton in the library and he'll admit to having a thing for foxes. Grab the dirty magazine while you're there.
Show the porn around to people and they'll confirm it's Tora's, who, when confronted, will admit to taking it to the library to get an eyefull of bunnypaws.
Show the towel around to the guests and confront Bernard, who'll explain he had to clean himself after getting an eyefull of Tora.
After this, in the accusation round, present to fox plus as evidence it was Saxton, the porn as evidence it was NOT Tora and the towel to show it wasn't Bernard.
As an asside, I found that if you're stuck not being able to accuse anyone, you need to interrogate Andy about 'last night' and then just show some incriminating evidence to any of the relevant guests.
My favourite ending! It involves everyone getting off on everyone. :3

And that's all three! Perhaps there's a super secret 4th ending where it's the ghost of Hokinko?
Maybe in a scenario where the chat logs, dirty mag and towel are all present?


how do i get the pics?

First case: Well, looks like Tora...


Where are my sunglasses?

There is only like three or four pictures


I'd like to edit my guides - sadly it's not an option! =.=
Just an addendum; No one pieces of evidence is a clear sign that [person] did it. The ones that rule people out the chat logs, the towel, the porn mag will let you know who it was via elimination.

gah! The fox plush was there but the dirty magazine wasn't. Must have been the Hokinko ending x_@

... Oh.. No, Tora did it then. The boombox, lotion, and plushie can all be red herrings... So what you DON'T find is more important. I just assumed on the first playthrough that the towel disqualified both Tora and Bernard.

Also after about a dozen speedruns I've concluded that there either there is no Hokinko ending or it's really super duper rare. It seems like that option is only there as a teaser, or so that you can opt out of guessing if you can't figure it out. This nets you a slightly less... Angry ending XD

while the uhh, "content" isn't my sort of thing, it is a good concept and quite well put together. Good work and thanks for sharing!

You can only unlock the super special orgy pic by beating the game with the correct answer


Wheres the gallery? I never found it

Well, it is fun, but I think Tora looks weird in the orgy picture ._.


the hell, I can't do a thing with this game.



next time in the twilight zone......

I love this game

Playing this gave me a little phoenix wright kinda feeling, atleast, the gameplay did. and i loved it. apart from a few grammar mistakes (didnt really ruin the game) the game was great.

It would be more fun, when you Slove the game a couple of times, there Will be more rooms And suspects unlock.

I Love It. Though I wish Saxon also had some fun with Andy. Other than that, I love Tora. He's the hottest out of all four.

Gah! Wanted to see the ending but made the wrong choice and now I have to play all over again!

Nevermind, the right ending and final picture was worth it...