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Oh... very nice
these anims are worth watching


That is gorgeous. Love the close-up of Red topping Bolt!


So nice. @_@

wow i need to see a {animation} of bolt fucking penny or mittens

hum... :P

7 years ago

CamKitty said:
Yes, pretend that despite being a furry, you are better off or less creepy. LOL furries with standards

wow, I'm not even going to respond to that.

John Travolta's a furry?!

Hey what happened to Red xiii's eye? Well anyway this is fucking hot!!



bolt must have one big ass to be taking red's hugemungour cock like that! ;O

7 years ago
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"That's quite a knot you've tied there..."

Leopardskin said:
first porn that was shown to me was puke porn. After that, I can jerk to just about anything. the only porn that kills my boner is scat, puke, and vore.

Well it's rather funny because I was explaining to my boyfriend that Bolt would eventually be turned into a porn tool. xD

And I can't stand to watch that D: I have seen it, but it's not satisfying what so ever. So I can see where you're coming from.

This IS satisfying, but it was kind of a shock at first xD

awww.... cute :P

Erk said:
wow, I'm not even going to respond to that.

im pretty sure that counts as responding =p

though i hear you on standards =)
they may not be to high with me but if your as creepy
in real life as most everyone on here i wont like you =p

aaaawwwwww therew no cum

Rule 34 has claimed another

FURRIES do not have standards or u woulded be on this site

I'd like to see Bolt with Balto

i would love 4 bolt to fuck me mmmmm

MORE PLEASE <3 I would love bolt 2 fuck me 2 :D

DarkWolf1170 said:
Yeah. I did too... but I dont know whether to fap or to gouge my eyes out with a broken light bulb...

I couldnt agree more, the bolt thing was going too far

the only thing that could mak this better is if you could knot them

dont get having "low standards" confused with being open minded. not everyone is into the same things. Hi, welcome to e621.net. There will be many things you wont like. If you dont wanna see things you may not like or may make you want to "gauge yer eyes out" go to another website.

I love Bolt so fucking much. He is just beautiful. So cute in this flash.


i would really like to see red push that knot in ;)

4 years ago
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Date: November 26, 2016

tavis550 said:
i would really like to see red push that knot in ;)

I'm with you on that one, I want to see cum, and gallons of it!


The more we post it, the more we want it. Bring on more to this!