its a good animation, but her face cracks me up from the reactions

i love the reactions...

8 years ago

It's well animated, thouhg it looks hevaily referenced from a porn vid. Not that it's a bad thing.

I just don't find the character that attractive, Mannish shoulders and arms

animation good
scalie good
human bad...


She needs more boob.

Scalies can do without boobs. And the reaction probably comes from that reptiles have proportionally smaller rolls of salami.

So where's everyone so sure it's a her? No boobs really. Horns are usually a male creature thing... moose, deer, elephants... plus the facial expressions kind of make more sense put into the context of a male-male coupling. Right off the bat, the bulging 'OMFG' eyes fit with getting something slammed in the old out-pipe. xD

Xanthic said:
So where's everyone so sure it's a her?

The character of krotsgier is indeed female. Pretty much she's a sort of spirit that vists the animator that he's been working on building up a connection with her. It's a spirituality thing.

And as for the anal question, krotsgier does prefer getting done up the ass it would seem. Dream sex and all that.

Whats wrong with a human fucking a furry? Would be better if the male had a bigger dick.

Is good, I just wish she had bigger tits.

Frazzledragon said:
animation good
scalie good
human bad...

Mind to fact that you are a Human too you twit.

>tagged first person view
>not in first person

Tag fixed.

Hot... but I'd loved it more if it was M/M :P