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She's a...cobra. If she bit someone would they die?


then the no teeth rulr applies... lol

1st in what? He sure as hell isn't dressed to be fighting lol..

1st to get in bed with her...on the stage...

sneakysnake128 said:
1st to get in bed with her...on the stage...



She is TOTALLY getting ready to bite his neck.

"CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WIN! And now..here is your prize...." *Bites deep into his neck, making the entire crowd go silent, before someone started to scream, and everyone started to scatter.


That is morbid.. Also when I saw the belt with a little USA shape on it the first thing I thought of was that pooch singing "America, **** yeah!" to the crowd. >_>

At lest I THINK it is North America. Otherwise it could be one giant booger on his belt. Same value.

Can anyone read what's on her nametag? All I can make out is her name (Shandi).

A winrar is u

4 years ago
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Date: December 22, 2017

I see two trophies in this picture..