e621 179 anthro ball breasts caprine catch cute female looking_at_viewer mammal mareep niis nintendo nipples pink_background pokéball pokémon pokémon_(species) pokémorph purple_eyes simple_background solo video_games voluptuous

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wolfpact said:
[url=http://toons-empire.com/]Cartoon Sex[/url]

^ Call for ban

Acolyte said:
^ Call for ban

Maybe he is just a spaming bot XD
As long they do not become more and more usual on here...

7 years ago
2012 animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro anus backsack balls big_penis black_balls black_fur black_hair butt canine canine_penis coiling collar erection forced fox fur gaping gaping_anus green_eyes hair knot looking_back low-angle_view male mammal masturbation night_sky_body nude oral oral_penetration penetration penile_masturbation penis perineum pink_anus precum rajii restrained saliva sex short_hair solo spread_butt spread_legs spreading standing stick stick_(satel) tail_ring tentacle_grab tentacle_in_mouth tentacle_sex tentaclejob tentacles tongue tongue_out urethral urethral_penetration vein

Rating: Explicit
Score: 282
User: Fur_in_the_dark
Date: November 28, 2012

this isn't mareep, this is the furry version: marape! ;-p