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-Are you ror panda rape?
-You crazy woman!

8 years ago
anthro canine fantastic_mr_fox fox kristofferson male mammal marlfox solo unknown_artist

Rating: Safe
Score: 28
User: Lxs371
Date: January 18, 2010


oh wow, that's awesome

Best use of a hand puppet ever?

I love this :) panda puppet of doom, defeating all cummers.

LOL I did this with one of my ex boyfriends...
Surprisingly it was loads of fun..
Again and again and again.

Of course, she only does this after beating the piss out of the other people on the ground.

"ever had a hand-job from a hand-puppet?"

Why is it tagged Zoo? Its a Handpuppet.. Its... Handzoopuppet.. or something alike

ippiki ookami
Former Staff
8 years ago
2006 abstract_background ambiguous_gender beige_skin blank_stare blue_eyes border brown_fur brown_markings cat chemicalalia circle clothing digital_media_(artwork) dotted_background english_text eyefuck feet feline feral fluffy fluffy_tail footwear frosted_butts full-length_portrait fur high_heels human humanoid_feet humor hybrid lol_comments looking_away mammal markings multicolored_fur pattern_background plantigrade portrait quadruped shoes side_view simple_background solo standing tan_fur text two_tone_fur what where_is_your_god_now white_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 113
User: msc
Date: April 30, 2007

She appears to be weeping. Is she upset the panda is getting more attention than her?