e621 3d_(artwork) bestiality digital_media_(artwork) dinosaur duo female feral human human_on_feral interspecies larger_female male male/female male_on_feral mammal reptile scalie sex size_difference small_dom_big_sub smaller_human smaller_male theropod tyrannosaurid tyrannosaurus tyrannosaurus_rex wooky

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ippiki ookami
Former Staff
9 years ago
2006 abstract_background ambiguous_gender beige_skin blank_stare blue_eyes border brown_fur brown_markings chemicalalia circle clothing digital_media_(artwork) domestic_cat dotted_background english_text eyefuck feet felid feline felis feral fluffy fluffy_tail footwear frosted_butts full-length_portrait fur high_heels human humanoid_feet humor hybrid lol_comments mammal markings multicolored_fur pattern_background plantigrade portrait quadruped shoes side_view simple_background solo standing tan_fur text two_tone_fur what where_is_your_god_now white_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 123
User: msc
Date: April 30, 2007

Solely for the lulz.

9 years ago

are those...boobies?

ippiki_ookami said:
Solely for the lulz.

Agreed, this is rather lol-worthy


Even though it's for teh lulz, those models are freakishly well done!

the"is it in yet" face
eventually she'll give up and eat him


Get out. :C

9 years ago

and in the very edge of your house, this is somebody's fetish

hahahahaha, so funny, its original ill give it that

I love her expression! And, I can't be the only one who is envious of the bastard!


anyone else can clearly show this and the dinosaur is bored, someone get the brothers in here, batter them in butter and let her have a snack so its actually worth her time :D