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e621 2008 4_toes <3 anthro balls beach biceps big_penis blue_body bodybuilder bodybuilding bowser clothed clothing cloud collar cum cumshot dinosaur erection fangs fellatio fire_bro gay goomba grass green_body hair half-dressed helmet hill hindpaw horn humanoid_penis interspecies island koopa licking male mario_bros masturbation mudwolfy muscles nintendo nude open_mouth oral oral_sex orange_body orgasm outside palm_tree pants paws penis raptor red_eyes red_hair reptile sand sandals scalie sea seaside sex sheath shell shirt shorts size_difference skimpy sky small_dom_big_sub smile smoke spikes spikey swim_trunks teeth thick_penis toes tongue tongue_out topless tree turtle vein video_games volcano water weightlifting weights wood yoshi

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sdrawkcabmai said:
*drops weights, breaks dick in half, kills dick sucker and red turtle with heart*

Owch >_o

Why's there a crossgender tag?

"You know those days when you're doing workout and suddenly notice somebody's pulled down your pants and started playing with your dick while everyone's watching..?"

i wish i was the blue yoshi

This picture inspired a story I wrote a few years ago. Here it is if anyone would be interested: