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This version has higher quality audio.

who gives a toss its bloody epic! :3

This is why I never upload anything. I always end up reposting.


keep this one, kill the other, this ones got much better loadin and better audio quality

I hated the loading screen on the one I uploaded.
This one is much better.

4 years ago

nice, loved this!

oh shyt! i just heard this on the radio at work today, and thought of this flash xD too kool!

I know its a terrible song. But I love it any way :P XD

LostCauselmao said:
I know its a terrible song. But I love it any way :P XD

Funny, I came from the other direction. Good song, awful game. :P

<3 this video :D & <3 ff11

it is officially THE best non explicit animation on e621.

we need more mouth animations like these. makes it so much better. <3

nice ^_~

what is the name of this song?

i like this ^.^

Brigandal said:
what is the name of this song?

Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom

The melodramatic gun thing ruined it for me; if it's cartoony violence, please keep it cartoony. :(

Love it ! xD

No one else said it? I'm gonna say it...
It's over 9000!

There I said it. XD I love this Flash.

soulsparx69 said:
yeah? well its UNDER 10000


cool :D

dr621 said:
haha! only 9999!
I could do 10k.
someone piss me off.

There's a lady in a big red hat.

im a chargin ma lazor

id tap misi ~nods

lol there is no safety


I would like Stacy not the mom :D plus it make her happier ^-^

I moar like this lady with gun. Partically because her gun is incredibly big.

I want to see this done in color. It would look awesome

This is awesome! ... color would make it phenomenal... and i think id rather have Missi :p

Fletch said:
This is awesome! ... color would make it phenomenal... and i think id rather have Missi :p

Sorry,i meant to vote for doing Misi too. Sorry but she looks like she needs some special attention

so has anyone noticed the guns says tiny on it

AlbertWesker said:
so has anyone noticed the guns says tiny on it

yup, did you notice it has 2 modes, fire and fire

Actually, I like Misi more than here mom. Girls got an attitude, not slutish Behaviorisms.

You GOT to love a woman with a big gun like that. XD

Indeed. Especially if they're ammo does THAT.

Hehehehe that ammo must be special ordered or something. But with a big gun like that you got to expect the ammo she uses for it to have a big bang like that. XP

tssssk, she can't even break the damage limit.

...there is so much win here it's not even funny.


Pssh, if a Young Kitty comes along in a bikini, and is ignored, i'd sweep her off her feet, and run off with her~

epic, loved it :P

at first I was like "where is this going" and then I didn't give a f*ck cause I was getting into the music... up until the point she pulled a gun, I was like "dude is she going to kill them?!" I thought of a really dark twist in my head that in my thoughts was like "geez, blood?" then it turns out they go flying, disgeae style