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In the vampire role playing games by White Wolf, the Nosferatu are the clan of outcasts and downtrodden. Warped by their embrace, they live away from society and have become the undisputed masters of stealth, espionage... and terror!

For a Nosferatu, there are few things more amusing than exacting their twisted sense of justice on those with a high opinion of themselves, preferably without them ever knowing he was there. Seems this Nosferatu was caught in the act... time to resort to Plan B!

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3 years ago
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Rating: Explicit
Score: -1142
User: Munkelzahn
Date: September 16, 2013

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imagine seeing this at night staring into your soul 0.0

Muzzledbus16005 said:
imagine seeing this at night staring into your soul 0.0

Before he rips it from your chest, you mean?

NegaMajora said:
Before he rips it from your chest, you mean?


Dat ass.