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Upgrade successful!

Please report any strange things in the Bug report thread and thank you for your patience.
Also, do give us some performance feedback, we'd like to know if we got our money's worth out of those sweet new CPUs.

April 3: The tag script source bug has been fixed, feel free to tag script away!

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e621 :d :o amanda_(starfox) amphibian anthro belt black_fur black_markings black_nose black_stripes blue_eyes blue_fur blue_hair breasts canine cat clothed clothing dog ear_piercing ear_tuft eyeshadow fay fay_spaniel feline female floppy_ears fox frog fur gloves green_eyes group hair hat jacket jewelry katt_monroe krystal lagomorph looking_at_viewer looking_back lucy_hare lynx makeup mammal markings midriff miyu_lynx navel nintendo open_mouth orange_fur pants piercing pink_fur pink_hair pink_skin pointy_ears rabbit red_eyes shirt simple_background smile star_fox stripes sweater tailband tiara tuft video_games water_color white_fur white_hair

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Omg, nice !
Thanks !

5 years ago
anthro bubble classy dialogue dignified english_text eyewear fish formal great_white_shark i_say male marine monochrome monocle necktie open_mouth pipe quit sepia shark smoking solo suit teeth terribly_britfish terribly_british text underwater unknown_artist water 

Rating: Safe 
Score: 46 
User: ktkr 
Date: June 15, 2010

I'm finding Lucy unusually adorable right now.

Goddammit, Ruby Quest.

why did cat became black?

I like the new Katt Monroe character design the most here.

I can't help but feel that someone is missing.

NekoBot said:
Who could be missing I wonder?

Fara Phoenix? Kursed (Krystal's Darker Bounty Hunter side)? Vixy Mccloud (Fox's mom), Vivian Hare (Peppy's wife, Lucy's mom), THE APAROID QUEEN!? Those are the only star fox females I know that are not in the picture.