e621 :d :o amanda_(starfox) amphibian anthro belt black_fur black_markings black_nose black_stripes blue_eyes blue_fur blue_hair breasts canine cat clothed clothing crown dog ear_piercing ear_tuft eyeshadow fay_spaniel feline female floppy_ears fox frog fur gloves green_eyes group hair hat jacket jewelry katt_monroe krystal lagomorph looking_at_viewer looking_back lucy_hare lynx makeup mammal markings midriff miyu_lynx navel nintendo open_mouth orange_fur pants piercing pink_fur pink_hair pink_skin pointy_ears rabbit red_eyes shirt simple_background smile star_fox stripes sweater tailband tiara tuft unknown_artist video_games water_color white_fur white_hair

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Omg, nice !
Thanks !

8 years ago
anthro bubble classy clothed clothing dialogue english_text eyewear fish formal great_white_shark i_say lol_comments male marine monochrome monocle necktie open_mouth pipe sepia shark smoking smoking_pipe solo suit teeth terribly_britfish terribly_british text tobacco_pipe underwater unknown_artist water

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Score: 156
User: ktkr
Date: June 15, 2010

I'm finding Lucy unusually adorable right now.

Goddammit, Ruby Quest.

why did cat became black?

thecooler said:
why did cat became black?

cause she stopped painting her hair. she didn't wanted to be a blond any more LOL


I like the new Katt Monroe character design the most here.

I can't help but feel that someone is missing.

Fara_Phoenix said:
I can't help but feel that someone is missing.

Who could be missing I wonder?


NekoBot said:
Who could be missing I wonder?

Fara Phoenix? Kursed (Krystal's Darker Bounty Hunter side)? Vixy Mccloud (Fox's mom), Vivian Hare (Peppy's wife, Lucy's mom), THE APAROID QUEEN!? Those are the only star fox females I know that are not in the picture.