e621 4_toes anthro barefoot biceps captainjohkid claws clothed clothing digitigrade eyes_closed fangs felid fur growth japanese_text male mammal muscle_growth muscular orange_fur pantherine pants shirt simple_background solo stripes tail_growth teeth text tiger toes torn_clothing transformation translation_request were werefelid werepantherine weretiger white_background white_fur

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3 years ago
2016 5_fingers alcohol anthro barazoku beverage book brown_fur chair clothed clothing crossed_legs cup felid fully_clothed fur holding_book holding_cup holding_object humanoid_hands inner_ear_fluff inside looking_at_viewer male mammal muscular muscular_male orange_fur pantherine pants pink_nose raccoon21 shirt sitting solo tiger vest waistcoat white_fur wine wine_glass

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Score: 64
User: Cat-in-Flight
Date: May 08, 2017

Migraines. They fucking suck.


This pic is so awesome!

If I didn't see the weretiger tag I would think he's struggling to auto-fellatio.