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I know it's not furry but I wanted to post something

i found it kinda funny actually

I have to admit... I don't get it.

showoffmob said:
I have to admit... I don't get it.

I do. Dennis Haysbert is a kickass actor. He does the AllState commercials. Have you seen him in The Unit? One of the best shows I've ever seen.


If you have ever seen that TV show "The Unit" you will get it.

Ah, sorry, I live in Belgium, so I didn't know about the commercials... Those are some good hands...

His good hands will FUCKING KILL YOU.

8 years ago

I don't 'the unit' (or any tv at all) so some explain

Google it.

We need to be able to tag stuff like this (Only Americans will get it & some Canadians) tag.


they didn't pay the bill

I just about shit myself when I realized that was him on <em>The Unit</em>...

Dennis Haysbert: Not only their spokesperson. He's also their complaint department and repoman


LOL! this is the best!

"There's a man in my way, Lambert... how flexible is my zero-fatality mandate?" "As a rock." If you're a true stealth-gamer, you'll get this and +3 morphine.


you see, people post stuff like this on this site against the rules (being not furry in nature) and if its funny enough that people like it then nothing happens to it. but this is rare and was 3 years ago. recently people have been posting similar meme like pics but have been flamed TO HELL! and even blocked over them. is this fair? i think not but that's the way of the world

I mean its not furry but his hair looks kind of fuzzy.