e621 anthro blue_fur blue_hair bodypaint canine cosplay female fox fur fursuit hair hi_res human krystal mammal mask nintendo overweight real slightly_chubby solo star_fox unknown_artist video_games white_fur


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The Dog In Your Guitar
9 years ago

too chubby imo <_<

The Dog In Your Guitar
9 years ago


Bah, it's a cute, healthy chubby, nothing wrong with that... <insert unhealthy body shapes porn protrays that everyone has heard before>. Got to admire her guts, though, You know someone who is willing to go all the way like that has some crazy-good confidence.

cottage cheese thighs ftw

Ugly face? I'll say!

Just goes to show how much cosplay can improve appearences.

Are we sure this is a girl? I'm not.

bronzdragon said:
Are we sure this is a girl? I'm not.

Notice my link?

fat! urgs

Yaarg, she'd look so much better if her clothes fit properly! If I can find (or make) clothes that fit, so can other chubby girls. Muffintop is NOT SEXY.

i don't have anything against chubs. i like 'em. but there's a differenc between "sexy chubby" and "victim of the unholy alliance of mcdonalds and gravity"


Ah fursuits. Making you feel awkward and burst out laughing since thy evolved from cosplay.