e621 2015 absurd_res anthro blue_body blue_fur blue_hair breasts butt_from_front chest_tuft countershading dragon feathered_wings feathers featureless_breasts female front_view fur furred_dragon hair hi_res inner_ear_fluff landscape leaves lily_pad nude outside partially_submerged plant pussy red_eyes slit_pupils smile solo tuft water waterfall watermark white_belly wings wolfwhisperer

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Repost with source file. Copy and pasted parent post's tags.
I don't know how to make this the parent, but it should be. For some reason it would appear that once sauce was found on the other post, no one bothered to upload the source file.

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This is so awesome, the detail and the way her fur and the water :3


wooohooooo my old avatar in higher res. good job finding it :3

Oh fuck me, I love dragons more than sharks again.

Ha. Princess Ember's colors, just a few days before she appeared.

2 years ago
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Rating: Explicit
Score: 94
User: A_Silvermane
Date: December 13, 2011

this picture is so amazing.

Soooooooo beautiful! <3


Cute and attractive, and the art is just amazing!

she's a cutie, and now i'm stuck between liking sharks more, or dragons