What the shit...

The tongue looks like a streamer.

continue to press the third button

The fully rotating leg when pressing →> is a bad glitch, and double dick rape just isn't my thing But keep working on it it shows good artistic skill and knowledge of flash.

I now have to post up the Metroid comic where Ridley rapes Samus with his twin cocks.

Limbs flying... everywhere.

Dem sounds.. ಠ_ಠ

I lol'd

holy crap samus got a robotic leg i think >.> no leg does a 360 like that not even the circa DE sou la or however you pronounce it

Dude samus can turn into a tiny ball its not a big deal

*cue Transformers sound effect*

Actually, this isn't too bad once you get by the "burst screaming".

why hasn't anyone noticed that his tail slices through his right leg in the lying down part? too busy staring at samus' crazy leg?

And another thing... she has no left hand ಠ_ಠ

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The only good thing about this is the punching when you rapidly click the spinning button. That'll teach you to resist me, bitch.


No bouncing tits = Fail

the sounds i can not unhear them

Those sounds had me laughing so fucking much

If you cycle between the first and last buttons after she screams, it sounds like a beacon or a blip on a radar.
The thing where she transforms into a ball, yes she is flexible, but part of her is sent to a pocket dimension or something because she couldn't fit into the ball. Her suit is made by some ancient alien technology which Samus can summon and send her excess matter to this pocket dimension by meditation.