e621 2002 5_toes amanda_payne anthro armpits barefoot breasts butt clothing dipstick_tail eyes_closed female fur gloves green_fur green_hair hair kneeling long_hair mostly_nude multicolored_tail nipples pose side_boob sitting solo spots toes

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Herm? What's that pointing between her legs? It could be a finger

6 years ago
cat crossover feline fur hybrid low_res male mammal nintendo pikachu pokémon raised_eyebrow reaction_image rodent simple_background solo that_fucking_cat tom_(tom_&_jerry) tom_and_jerry unknown_artist video_games what white_background yellow_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 56
User: ktkr
Date: June 07, 2010

Looks like a finger to me. Great drawing.

I used to be so in love with this artist.

I haven't read her webcomic in ages.