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Only a matter of came to soon

7 years ago
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Rating: Safe
Score: 158
User: ktkr
Date: June 15, 2010

At least they waited for the show to air.

Tuff Puppy? What is that?

seeing as they waited till the second episode airs their slowing down the rule 34 process

they waited until the second ep? Rule 34 is definitely slowing down.

I saw rule 34 of pokemon black and white before it was even mentioned in the uk!

show was only on for a week rule 34 all the way

I lol'd at the rating.

7 years ago
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Rating: Questionable
Score: 19
User: ktkr
Date: May 07, 2013

Yep, KK is the hottest character ever.

I think she is everything I want in an idol. Wow, that's scary...