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Yup. time for a good locker room fucking :D


Penetration? Really? Ronno must have a really long and flexible dick if he's penetrating Bambi there... Bambi's ass is halfway down Ronno's thighs!


Akai_Roo said:
Ronno's dick is seen. Bambi's cuddling with his belly to Ronno's penis ^_^

Oh dear, I am so fucking envy T_T

That's Bambi's cock. Note the curve of the cock is going up towards Ronno's chest, and compare it to the two solo pictures of this same series. If it were Ronno's, it would be curving up towards Bambi's chest.


Lol Ronno looks high, or at least very sleepy


That´s a damn cute couple! :D

they both look like they smoked a blunt


That's his " I'm gonna fill you up " look.

MaleLickingCat said:
they both look like they smoked a blunt

I can vouch for that. Minus the lack of red eyes...


Who knew Bambi was not only gay but also a slutty man-hoe.

This isn't the time to do it in the locker room. Get. To. Your. CLASSES!!!