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Wanna know something? I don't have an art style.

I actually have to have someone draw 2D cartoony images for me, and then I use THAT to model my 3D work.

But let me tell you something.

Other than tits and ass, If you wanna catch a viewer's attention, YOU NEED GOOD EYES.

A good pair of well-detailed, vibrant, active eyes can pierce straight in the soul of the viewer, and possibly even take control of that soul.


Shout out to Zonkpuch, one of my favortie eye designers out there, with CandyFox coming in second.

(Warning: Big rant about furries approaching. Turn away while you still can.)

Nuzzo is okay too, but personally, I think he makes his eyes way too big and watery (the same thing with his excessively oily butts), however if I made this comment on one of his posts, y'all would give me major backlash, even though I'm only trying to express my unpopular opinion. I swear, furries are just as wacky as feminists; the only difference between furries and feminists is that we became a meme way before the feminists did. Har har har.

Fuck it, I'll say it: Y'all gotta learn to criticize art better. FurAffinity comments are always full of goddamn butt-kissers, even when 👏YOU 👏KNOW that art looks worse than art that might have ended up in a Cringe Showcase.


I'm not saying we need to purposely discourage artists when they draw something wrong; I'm not saying to hate on artists because they have a fetish which we aren't okay with; I'm saying that when something is obviously wrong the detail of the picture, and the artist keeps unintentionally repeating that flaw, we need to at least point it out, with POLITE CRITICISM, and not just a blatant "Oh YoUr ArT iS cRaPpY bEcAuSe YoU mEsSeD uP oN hEr FiNgErS aNd-" Boi. Take this.

Just note that if it's his art style, then it's his art style. He likes it and there's nothing you can nor should do about it. Take Squeegeedude for example. He likes extremely big lips, and that's okay; it's his kink.
You can go criticizing his lips and scratchy art style, like I wanna go criticizing Nuzzo's hyper-shiny characters, but if you do so, you need to learn how to speak constructively with sense and truth, and not like a selfish douchebagel.

If we can learn to respect opinions and point out what's wrong with someone's art, it can help the artist see what he or she couldn't see before, and improve and grow into a better artist. But if ya'll just keep saying "DAT ASS" & "This pic is 100% perfect and hot lol 👌," the artist will think everything is okey-dokey, and will never try evolve his/her piece into a greater work of art. (or at least not as quickly.)

Personally, I'm 92% ready to take on constructive criticism on my shitty animations (The other 8% is that I'm bad at defining big words), but not when it's some Kekistani who didn't think twice before immediately hating because of one or two flaws in one of my works.
But hey, that's my opinion. So let's see if you can learn to respect it or not.
It was probably silly of me to complain about furry porn anyway.

(Notice: Rant ends here.)


Oops. I'm way off topic aren't I. Anyways... uh...

This Set was supposed to be merged with my other Set called "Art Style Appreciation", as can be viewed here. However, I have found pictures with eyes so majestic, and so beautiful, and so compelling, that I decided to create a separate Set dedicated JUST to good eye design. (the other set was getting too filled with the wrong focus anyways so)

*sigh.* Hopefully one day, I can find my perfect art style...

[Insert Punchline here.]

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