Easy access fashion by ArdesCadaver
Short Name: easy_access_fashion
Created: 7 days ago | Updated: 1 day ago

Semi-clothed characters whose outfits leave their privates uncovered. As long as sex would take no undressing, at most pulling a bit of fabric aside, it counts. Includes easy_access, also usually no_underwear and most bottomless. The more elaborate and stylish, the better. Your groin may be showing, but that's no excuse for bad fashion sense.

Born from my love of "casual lewdity" (set #9526), known as "free use" in some communities. I agree with Zexiara on their theory of a universal component of sexuality. That of sexual availability being signaled by casualness and indifference. I like to imagine that this set's contents are what typical outfits worn by members of a free use society would look like.

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