Tag Aliased To Reason User Date Forum Post
havoc (56) 404bot (18) I'm fairly certain it's the same artist. Doomguy666 1 year ago Link
ltomb (66) 8-tomb (1) This artist signs all his work as 8-tomb...I figure that is the name he prefers regardless of the name of his Tumblr. Dyrone 9 months ago Link
akuma4z8 (3) 84akuma (9) Same artist. Genjar 1 month ago Link
heart_pattern (36) <3_pattern (1) To follow the `<3_*` tag trend. Alias <3_marking → <3_pattern as well, since we have several `*_pattern` tags, as seen here sdrawkcaB 29 days ago Link
a-10_thunderbolt (4) a-10 (32) While there are several names by which the A-10 is known by, the official designation of "A-10" is the one thing they all have in common. (Also, t... imagoober 1 year ago Link
aaron_(jwt) (6) aaron_ryan (0) As a followup to aliasing jwt → the--jackal ( https://e621.net/forum/show/167776 ): Suggest that aaron_(jwt) AND aaron_(the--jackal) both ali... EarthFurst2 1 year ago Link
intestinal_bulge (54) abdominal_bulge (12318) I'm pretty sure this is the same thing. Maxpizzle 1 year ago Link
abducted (41) abduction (83) With no article for either, unless there is a difference These should probably be combined under a single tag. Volteer133 2 months ago Link
sixpack (165) abs (58172) 6_pack, 6pack, eight_pack, six_pack, 8_pack, eight_pack_abs, six_pack_abs, 8pack, eightpack are all already aliased to abs, and so should sixpack. Oxbridge 1 year ago Link
tiger.a (26) acah_orange (13) Same artist (per pixiv), images scattered. OmegaUmbra 1 month ago Link
阿川阿虎 (10) acah_orange (13) Same artist, images scattered. OmegaUmbra 1 month ago Link
accessories (90) accessory (67) Singular form more inclusive for tagging Volteer133 2 months ago Link
acog (0) acog_scope (8) This is to avoid confusion with the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which has the same acronym as the gun scope Lilac_Sash 2 months ago Link
fake_advertisement (26) advertisement (759) Both cover the same content. BlueDingo 4 months ago Link
afterglow (633) after_orgasm (940) Is used for posts showing a character at the moment following the orgasm. According the wiki, it would be a synonym of "after_sex", however its usa... O16 11 months ago Link
post_orgasm (44) after_orgasm (940) we prefer after_* tags, as far as I can tell. Circeus 11 months ago Link
aggretsuko (0) aggressive_retsuko (154) Aggretsuko the shortened name for the Aggressive Retsuko character and anime series. more info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aggretsuko kimk 12 months ago Link
airplane_(film) (2) airplane! (2) More specific title Penguinempire-Dennis 1 year ago Link
volvo (47) airu (41) Volvo is or at least used to be airu's porn account. However, both accounts on FA now posses pornographic material and its not clear which name sh... hislarephi 1 year ago Link
赤井 (57) akai (59) This is romanization of the Japanese name, which is hard to type Octomilanar 8 months ago Link

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