Tag Implied Tag Reason User Date Forum Post
5_fingers (21100) fingers (1077) 2_fingers , 3_fingers , and 4_fingers should be implicated to fingers as well. Numbers other than these four are currently quite rare. engageforth 8 months ago Link
6_arms (63) multi_arm (3201) Ruku 6 months ago Link
:d (922) open_mouth (194518) Maxpizzle 11 months ago Link
:d (922) open_smile (3242) Refers to a type of open smile. Related implications: >:D → open_smile. :> → smile. D: → open_mouth. D:< → open_mouth. >:O → open_mouth. See for... O16 5 months ago Link
:d (922) smile (201859) Maxpizzle 11 months ago Link
aayla_secura (39) star_wars (1414) One of the characters from Star Wars. Furrin_Gok 6 months ago Link
abdomen (598) arthropod (12053) To discourage the use of multiple tags for the same thing, I suggest that the abdomen tag gets moved over to solely referring to the tagma form of ... Furrin_Gok 1 year ago Link
abortion (39) pregnant (6789) can't have an abortion without a pregnancy JerkinItToRoe_V_Wade 8 months ago Link
abortion (39) snuff (646) may not be considered technically correct based on how you feel RE personhood of a fetus, but seems correct enough for porn booru purposes IMO JerkinItToRoe_V_Wade 8 months ago Link
aceopossum (2) character (0) AceOpossum is a fursona character. AcexThexOpossum 1 month ago Link
action_pose (1056) pose (41916) Ruku 8 months ago Link
ahoge (738) hair (406922) It's a cowlick, basically. The presence of a cowlick in an image obviously implies the presence of hair. Also, there's only 4 posts actually using... Jackalfag 1 month ago Link
aiming_at_viewer (25) aiming (201) Aiming at the viewer involves aiming. BlueDingo 3 months ago Link
alduin (27) skyrim (1101) skyrim character Tuvalu 9 months ago Link
andross (51) star_fox (8840) Unless there's another Andross I don't know about, this seems like a good idea. Knotty_Curls 4 months ago Link
anthrocaelia (0) octomaid (28) All anthrocaelia are inherently octomaids. Graith 7 months ago Link
arm_fins (49) fin (5573) Ruku 9 months ago Link
armbinder (286) bondage_gear (614) Ruku 10 months ago Link
armpit_sex (212) armpit_fetish (424) Similar to the way foot tags and foot fetish is already implicated. Eppleblam 10 months ago Link
arwing (199) spacecraft (562) Arwings are spacecrafts. BlueDingo 3 days ago Link

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