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User Info:

Hi ToddRogue69 here and I’m glad to be a member here at E621. Why am I here you ask? Well like all other artists I’m here to put up my own art for everyone to see.

What kind of art do I make? My art is mostly made up of fan art, original content, and most of all good ol’ fashioned yiff. And like any artist I take great pride in my work and enjoy making one new piece after another. I am also one of those kinds of artist who enjoys being a bit naughty with his art so for you furverts out there keep an eye out cause it’s pretty good stuff ;)

And in conclusion I have made it a goal of mine to bring to you as much of my beautiful pieces of art as I can to all of those who would wish to see it, well here and there I just might do some personal pieces but I would mostly like to keep you guys in mind because without you who would I be but an artist without and audience. So kick back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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