Artist: conditional dnp

This is an expansion of sorts to the Avoid Posting List, the artists listed here have elected that some of their works are allowed to be shared, while some other works are not.
Please check the list below what is and what isn't allowed to be shared for the specific artist(s) in question.

Important: This list may be outdated, always check the Avoid Posting List for the official and newest list of DNP and conditional DNP content.

Currently conditional DNP list as of 10th November 2017:

  • Anixis - only personal artwork is DNP
  • backlash91 - non-official edits are DNP
  • Bad-Collie - explicit artwork is DNP
  • Blondevelvet - fetishy stuff is DNP
  • CobaltSnow / FatalFox - edits are DNP
  • Danza - All pay content is DNP
  • Dogbone / dog-bone / dogboneartwork - everything not from her free galleries is DNP
  • emptyset - anything older than 2013 is DNP, anything not on FA is DNP, anything containing bestiality is DNP
  • Frots / Fronnie - Twitter/Dropbox is DNP, IB & Tumblr are allowed
  • Grumpyvulpix - only edits are DNP
  • Inkydemon - explicit artwork is DNP
  • Itoril - everything not on the Itoril-FA account is DNP
  • Jameless - commissions are DNP
  • Jay Naylor / Fisk - non-FA material is DNP
  • Jollyjack / Phillip M Jackson - Commercial works are DNP
  • Kabier - comics are DNP
  • Kadath - Paid content is DNP
  • Kayla-Na / Mel The Hybrid - fan art / parodies are DNP
  • KK-FurryWorks - commissioned artworks with original characters are DNP
  • Lemoncore - commissions are DNP
  • Liz Art - only MLP stuff is DNP
  • Maaia - explicit work is DNP
  • Mithril07 / Mithril (on dA) - NSFW stuff is DNP
  • Mittsies - edits and conversions are DNP
  • MoodyFerret - "hardcore/weird/fetishy" stuff is DNP, everything else is fine
  • Mrawl - explicit and questionable works are DNP, safe images are okay
  • naexus - only commissioners or the artist are allowed to upload
  • OZE / Z.O.E / ZOE / OZE-jp - Twitter uploads are DNP
  • popsmasterson - only artist and commissioners are allowed to upload
  • Puccaruu - everything except commissions is DNP
  • Ratte - All pornographic material is DNP
  • Scappo - material that isn't from his free sites [weasyl, FA, FN, dA, tumblr] is DNP
  • Sefeiren - commercial works are DNP
  • Taihab - only artist and commissioner are allowed to post
  • Tanidareal / Tani da Real - explicit artwork is DNP, safe/questionable is ok
  • Trunchbull - Explicit artwork is DNP
  • Vilani - edits are DNP, everything not on her free pages is DNP(FA, IB, FN, sofurry, weasyl, jabarchives, tumblr)
  • wolftacos -edits are DNP
  • Wyntersun / Yaita - Pay content is DNP
  • XoPachi - Explicit artwork is DNP
  • Zoey03 - only commissioners or the artist are allowed to upload

Posting anything on the Avoid Posting list (DNP List, Do-Not-Post List) may lead to the removal of the post, as well as disciplinary action to your account, like negative records, temporary suspension, or even the permanent ban of your account.

If for some reason you have been given permission to upload something that is DNP, please include proof in the image description otherwise it will be treated as DNP content and taken down. This may include the rights being transferred, the artist giving you the right to upload or other rare circumstances.

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