e621:report post

Artists! If you are the artist/copyright holder of art on this site and you want it removed, go here instead of reporting the post.

How to report a post

  • 1. Click "Report" on a post page.
  • 2. Select the appropriate reason from the list.
  • 3. Add any relevant or important information into the additional information field.
    • A good idea would be to add what kind of tag is erroneously being added, or why you believe the file is malicious.
    • 3. Press the Submit Complaint button.
    • 4. The post then gets sent to the ticket center, where admins will be able to review and deal with your ticket.

    Reporting Reasons

    Malicious File

    This reason is for files that either contain malicious code, or contain other files attached to them.

    Malicious Source

    This reason is for sources that link to malicious pages.

    Description Abuse

    This reason is for reporting descriptions that are being abused. For example if the description is used to harass someone, or if a valid description is being vandalized.

    Note Abuse

    This reason is for reporting notes that are being abused. For example notes in languages that aren't in english, or insult users, or are completely unrelated to the image itself.

    Tagging Abuse

    This reason is for reporting tagging abuse. Adding wrong tags, removing valid tags, creating insulting tags are all reasons to report a post for tagging abuse.

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