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This page has been superseded by the Uploading Guidelines, but is kept here for posterity.

So you want to start uploading posts to e621? Read this.

Content checks

Topic relevance
  • If uploading explicit material, try to post uncensored content whenever possible, as opposed to censored ones.
Is it already here?
  • Use tags to check for obvious *duplicates* or *variations*.

Bit-identical duplicates will be detected automatically, but not different sizes or formats of the same image.

  • If you find a higher resolution version of a post or an update to an existing post (usually a flash), then for God's sake upload it! Don't forget to flag the inferior post for deletion.

Non-duplicate variations of the same image should be linked to each other using the parent post feature. Information on how to do this can be found here.

Is it not here for a reason?

If the previous step revealed no other posts by the artist, they may have requested that their work not appear on e621.

If the post was here and has since been deleted, do not re-upload it. If you feel something has been deleted unjustly contact a moderator.

  • In most cases, the highest-resolution version of an image is preferred to lower resolutions.
  • Do not upload tiny images just to use as avatars. Images smaller than 200x200 are likely to be deleted.


It's fine to tag an upload only partially, but try to cover at least its most prominent or unusual features. Things such as the artist(s), obvious fetishes and cub/loli/shota material must be tagged as such.

  • Please, as a courtesy to everyone, make a best faith effort to put on at least four tags and use tagme to mark uploads that could use further tagging or refinement. This does not mean, however, to slap tagme on everything. If you have any doubt about a tag or character, ask for an opinion in the comments or create a new topic in the forums.

Similar tags: unknown artist, unknown species, unknown character, translation request

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