Species: experiment (species)

2014 3_toes 4_fingers 4_toes :d alien angel_(lilo_and_stitch) antennae back_markings ball baseball_(ball) baseball_bat blue_claws chest_tuft claws cute cute_fangs d: digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) disney draw_me_like_one_of_your_french_girls dupe_(lilo_and_stitch) ears_down elastico english_text experiment_(species) eyelashes falling felix_(lilo_and_stitch) finger_wag flying green_claws group happy head_tuft ice_breath lilo_and_stitch looking_at_viewer markings open_mouth open_smile pink_claws raised_eyebrows sad signature simple_background sitting sketch slugger slushy_(lilo_and_stitch) smile sparky_(lilo_and_stitch) srmario stitch striped_tail stripes text toes tuft white_background

Rating: Safe
Score: 4
User: BooruHitomi
Date: May 15, 2017 2015 alien alpha_channel animate_inanimate antennae black_eyes blue_eyes blue_tongue button_(fastener) button_eyes chest_fur cute_fangs digital_media_(artwork) disney dupe_(lilo_and_stitch) electricity experiment_(species) fur ghost green_nose green_skin group hair_bow hair_ribbon hissing lilo_and_stitch looking_at_viewer narico no_sclera orange_fur orange_skin phantasmo philtrum portrait pose ragdoll ribbons scrump silly simple_background smile smirk smug sparky_(lilo_and_stitch) spirit transparent_background watermark yang_(lilo_and_stitch) yellow_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 7
User: BooruHitomi
Date: May 01, 2017 2014 3_fingers 3_toes 4_arms 4_fingers 5_fingers aged_up alien amnesio angel_(lilo_and_stitch) antennae babyfier big_nose black_eyes black_hair blue_claws blue_eyes blue_nose blush book border brown_eyes chewing claws clip_(lilo_and_stitch) collar cyan_body diary dipstick_antennae disney eating eating_hair elastico electricity experiment_(species) eyelashes eyes_closed family feathers food forehead_marking fur gold_fur green_skin group hair hair_bow hair_ribbon hawaii hug human hunkahunka jackfreak1994 kneeling lilo_and_stitch lilo_pelekai looking_at_viewer mammal mr._stenchy multi_arm multi_limb noseless nosy_(lilo_and_stitch) one_eye_closed pacifier pink_eyes pink_feathers pink_fur purple_nose push rattle red_body red_nose reuben ribbons sandwich_(food) signature smile sparky_(lilo_and_stitch) squint stitch toe_claws toes tropical white_border white_skin yellow_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 11
User: BooruHitomi
Date: May 02, 2017 2013 3_fingers 3_toes 4_arms 4_fingers 5_fingers absurd_res alien amnesio angry antennae babyfier ball blush bonnie_(lilo_and_stitch) bubble camera card chest_tuft claws clip_(lilo_and_stitch) clothing cute cute_fangs digital_media_(artwork) dipstick_antennae disney dreamworks_smirk dress experiment_(species) eyes_closed fire fire_breathing flying food footwear gem group handstand happy hi_res holding_object houdini hula human insect_wings lilo_and_stitch lilo_pelekai looking_at_viewer mammal melty_(lilo_and_stitch) multi_arm multi_limb open_mouth open_smile pacifier piranhartist playing_card pose raised_eyebrow raised_eyebrows raised_inner_eyebrows rattle reuben richter_(lilo_and_stitch) sandals sandwich_(food) shaved_ice shortstuff simple_background sinker sketch skirt slushy_(lilo_and_stitch) smile smug sparkle tentacles toes tuft white_background wings yaarp yang_(lilo_and_stitch) yin_(lilo_and_stitch)

Rating: Safe
Score: 4
User: BooruHitomi
Date: May 11, 2017

This tag refers to the Lilo & Stitch franchise's genetic experiments; the 629 genetically engineered alien characters created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba, of which Stitch is the most famous. Should also be used for any fan characters created as one such experiment, as well as interpretations of non-experiment characters (such as Lilo Pelekai) as such creatures (to which in those cases, alternate species applies).

Experiment numbers are usually pronounced as individual digits (e.g. Stitch is "Experiment Six-Two-Six"). Exceptions usually include those whose numbers are divisible by 100.

Note that on this site, the word experiment by itself refers to scientific experimentation in a laboratory, so don't forget the _(species) part if you're referring to these creatures. (It should be mentioned though that despite the disambiguation, each experiment are actually of their own artificial "species" named after their experiment numbers.)

Canonically seen experiments

While all of the first 626 experiments were named in Leroy & Stitch (2006), the experiments listed below are among the named and/or numbered experiments who actually appeared in one of the franchise's works. Only experiments who were seen in the franchise and have unique character tags here are listed in the sectioned tables below. A full list of experiments can be seen on TV Tropes.

Experiments who only appeared in the Stitch! anime need to be tagged with the stitch! tag. (Note the exclamation point to avoid tagging Stitch by mistake if he doesn't appear.) These such experiments have their numbers underlined in the lists below.

▼ 0-Series ("Oh-Series")

Jumba's test batch, which includes many household helpers.

No.NameTag if necessaryNotes
000 Cyber cyber_(stitch!) From the Stitch! anime, "Experiment Zero" is technically unnumbered and doesn't belong in any experiment series; he's only placed here for convenience.
002 Doubledip
007 Gigi (a.k.a. Yapper) gigi/yapper "Gigi" is the name given by her adopter Mertle Edmonds, while Lilo nicknamed the experiment "Yapper".
009 Pop pop_(lilo_and_stitch)
010 Felix felix_(lilo_and_stitch) Also called "Oscar" depending on his programming.
021 Twang twang_(lilo_and_stitch) Also known as Experiment 145/Flute based on the Stitch! anime's English dub.
029 Checkers checkers_(lilo_and_stitch)
032 Fibber
033 Hammerface Also known as "Hammerhead" (as called by Pleakley in the Lilo & Stitch: The Series episode, "The Asteroid").
054 Fudgy
062 Frenchfry
▼ 1-Series ("One-Series")

Civic disturbances.

No.NameTag if necessary
110 Squeak squeak_(lilo_and_stitch)
113 Shoe shoe_(lilo_and_stitch)
120 Snafu
123 Carmen carmen_(lilo_and_stitch)
133 PJ pj_(lilo_and_stitch)
149 Bonnie bonnie_(lilo_and_stitch)
150 Clyde clyde_(lilo_and_stitch)
151 Babyfier
158 Finder
177 Clip clip_(lilo_and_stitch)
199 Nosy nosy_(lilo_and_stitch)
▼ 2-Series ("Two-Series")

Technological and scientific-based abilities.

No.NameTag if necessary
202 Jam jam_(lilo_and_stitch)
210 Retro retro_(lilo_and_stitch)
221 Sparky sparky_(lilo_and_stitch)
223 Glitch glitch_(lilo_and_stitch)
228 Melty melty_(lilo_and_stitch)
234 Shush shush_(lilo_and_stitch)
248 Belle belle_(lilo_and_stitch)
254 Mr. Stenchy
258 Sample sample_(lilo_and_stitch)
262 Ace ace_(lilo_and_stitch)
276 Remmy remmy_(lilo_and_stitch)
277 Snooty
285 Lax lax_(lilo_and_stitch)
297 Shortstuff
▼ 3-Series ("Three-Series")

Psychological-based abilities.

No.NameTag if necessary
300 Spooky spooky_(lilo_and_stitch)
303 Amnesio
319 Spike spike_(lilo_and_stitch)
320 Cloudy cloudy_(lilo_and_stitch)
323 Hunkahunka
344 Dupe dupe_(lilo_and_stitch)
345 Elastico
360 Drowsy drowsy_(lilo_and_stitch)
375 Phantasmo
383 Swirly swirly_(lilo_and_stitch)
390 Slimy slimy_(lilo_and_stitch)
397 Spats spats_(lilo_and_stitch)
▼ 4-Series ("Four-Series")

This series, said to be mostly failures, had very few experiments appearing in the franchise, so it's unlikely that any experiments from this series will be tagged.

▼ 5-Series ("Five-Series")

Element manipulators.

No.NameTag if necessary
501 Yin yin_(lilo_and_stitch)
502 Yang yang_(lilo_and_stitch)
509 Sprout sprout_(lilo_and_stitch)
513 Richter richter_(lilo_and_stitch)
520 Cannonball cannonball_(lilo_and_stitch)
523 Slushy slushy_(lilo_and_stitch)
529 Digger digger_(lilo_and_stitch)
586 Tank tank_(lilo_and_stitch)
▼ 6-Series ("Six-Series")

Battlefield or doomsday experiments with galactic implications.

No.NameTag if necessaryNotes
600 Woops
601 Kixx
602 Sinker
604 Houdini
608 Slugger
609 Heat heat_(lilo_and_stitch)
610 Witch witch_(lilo_and_stitch)
613 Yaarp
617 Plasmoid
619 Splodyhead
621 Chopsuey From Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 game for PlayStation 2.
624 Angel angel_(lilo_and_stitch)
625 Reuben
626 Stitch
627 experiment_627 This experiment was never given a name in the franchise, although he is usually referred to by Lilo & Stitch fans as "Evile".
Leroy leroy_(lilo_and_stitch) He is Jumba's latest experiment, but he is not officially numbered. Japanese merchandise number him 628, but fans number him 629 because a pod of an Experiment 628 was seen in 627's episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series, while Leroy was newly made in Leroy & Stitch.

This tag implies the following tags: lilo_and_stitch, alien

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