General: herm

Hermaphrodite; This refers to characters with both a pussy and a penis.

While most herm characters have breasts and a feminine body shape, masculine herm characters (without breasts) would fall under maleherm.

Following the 'tag what you see' rule, the herm tag should not be used on images if both the penis and vagina are not visible, even if said characters are known herms. A bulge is not sufficient visual evidence to warrant the herm tag.

See also:

  • howto:tag_genders - Recommended
  • intersex
    • cuntboy - Male body, but with a pussy instead of a penis.
    • dickgirl - Female body, but with a penis instead of a pussy.
    • herm - Female's body, with both a pussy and a penis.
      • maleherm - Male's body, with both a pussy and a penis.

The following tags are aliased to this tag: hermaphrodite

This tag implies the following tags: intersex

The following tags are implicated to this tag: smaller_herm, larger_herm, overweight_herm, herm_penetrating, herm/ambiguous, herm/female, herm/herm, dickgirl/herm, maleherm/herm, herm/cuntboy (2 more)

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