General: humanized

A non-human character is turned into an everyday, fully human, human.

alternate_species apple applejack_(mlp) barrel belt boots clothed clothing cute cutie_mark duo earth_pony equine eyelashes female food food_in_mouth footwear friendship_is_magic fruit fully_clothed green_eyes hair happy hat hi_res horse human humanized long_hair mammal my_little_pony object_in_mouth pony shorts sitting smile source_request square_crossover unknown_artist

Rating: Safe
Score: 12
User: SwiperTheFox
Date: August 21, 2017

If characters have noticeable non-human characteristics, such as horns, multiple tails, wings, and so on, then the tag humanoidized should be used instead. This will avoid the implications of the label human.

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This tag implies the following tags: alternate_species, human

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