Species: kaithian

Kaithians are a race created my the artist Ecolyne.

Genders: Male, Female, Kaimale, Dimale.

height: 5-7 feet

weight: 100-200 Lbs

Lifespan: 150 years

Common Feminine Names: Iria, Mytia, Paleen, Tetsy.
Common Masculine Names: Yoray, Hyseen, Genro, Bymio.
(Names are made with as little hard consonants as possible to co opt with their flowing language)

physical traits: Kaithians bodies consist of four limbs, Two arms and two digitigrade legs. Kaithian legs are built to move bipedally and quadrupedally. Kaithians have 10 foot long, reptilian tails which are fully prehensile, and can be used to carry anything they can coil around that weighs upwards to 200Ibs for the strongest of tails. horns adorn the top of their heads and grow up to 2 inches long. their ears are long, thin, pointed, downy, and fragile, and there are two on each side of their head; Kaithian ears react instinctively to emotions, when they're happy, or alert, they'll perk up, while if they're sad, they'll droop; Their ears are also very sensitive, making them perfectly suitable to pet and scratch for their content. They have a canine-like face. The skin is covered in a coat of soft, silky fur, sometimes with stripes, spots, or socks; and glossy, brightly colored scales are also seen on the outer forearms and the top side of their hands and fingers. Kaithians Hair grows up to 5 feet long, and, along with their fur and scales, can be any kind of color. Kaithians eyes are slightly larger than other species', and can be used in very dark light: their eye colors include: green, blue, purple, red, yellow, and multiple combinations of heterochromia. tapering their digits are sharp, retractable claws used primitively for combat. their digits and paws are also padded like a cat's. Kaithians also have tongues that are 1 foot long, and their saliva is very resistant to heat. their teeth are used for mashing, rather than tearing, and sometimes their upper incisors stick an inch out of their mouth like a sabretooth's. their teeth are also coated with acid and sugar resistant enamel to protect them, though this quickly fades away if not treated.

Emotional traits: Kaithians are seen among other races as kind and forgiving, but on the odd occasion, they are given a horrid reputation. Kaithians are most of the time kind to themselves, and are always welcoming outsiders into their friend circles. Kaithians are generally emotional when it comes to a lot of situations, and often let it cloud their judgement, but it also helps their society, as most other Kaithians will try to help someone in distress. Kaithians are highly social creatures, and if left alone for more than a couple days, they start to get symptoms of depression and withdrawal.

Sexual traits. Kaithians are noteworthy for their four genders, Male, Female, Kaimale, and Dimale. all the genders have sterile genetilia in their nether regions, but they all also have potent genetilia witin their tails. Males having both male genitila, and females having both female genitilia. Kaimales however are slightly different. Kaimales have one of the genetilia in their nether regions, and the other one in the tail. Normally Kaimales label themselves as Kaimale-M or -F, depending on which is in the tail. Dimales are much rarer, as they are born with all four sets of genetilia, along with two tails to fit the tail genetilia due to a common mutation. the gender ratio of Kaithians are 100:105:25:1, going from Male:Female:Kaimale:Dimale. When a female, kaimale-F, or dimale becomes pregnant, the pregnancy lasts up to 8 months, and at the end, the Kaithian gives birth to 2-3 children at once through her tail. since the tail consists of less bones and has more elasticity than the nether regions, birth is usually at most uncomfortable, rather than painful. after birth, the mother becomes easily angered and defensive, as her primitive instincts keep her from leaving her children alone for too long. Pronouns are dependent on the genetilia in the tail. for Dimales the pronoun is dependant on the femininity or masculinity of the rest of the body. Dimales, though able to engage in tail coitus with themselves, are completely sterile to themselves. Tail genetilia remains hidden within the tail until the Kaithian plans on performing coitus. when they do, the tip of the tail separates from unseen seams, and the male genetilia in the tail is 5 feet long, as to be able to reach the womb better in the female tail genetilia.

Physical capabilities: Kaithians are very athletic creatures. being able to walk firmly on all fours and on their legs, they are accustomed to many forms of terrain. Kaithians are great at climbing, thanks to their claws, and can see in darkness what a human could not; though not in total darkness, for there is no light. When a Kaithian is content with something, or blissful in some way, they’ll purr softly like cat.

Society: Most Kaithians take a natural attraction into science and the universe around them. Kaithians are an advanced race, a few years ahead of others with technology. Although science is popular, politics come after it. Kaithians normally have working governments and laws, and live simply. Less common, but still plentiful, is art and architecture. After that is religion, and the least popular is militarism. Kaithians are generally peaceful, and try not to interfere with other's military affairs, much less their own, but they are a decent force on the battlefield. Many social activities performed by Kathians include music, dances, and playing. while coitus is normally kept for one's lover, that only applies to intercourse performed through the tail's genetilia. Normal social interactions with ages 20+ can often include tame intercourse for the pleasure of the friends, and this is not seen as taboo, but a sign of great friendship and trust. Relationships among Kathians are quite often very strong, and normally include 2 to 4 people, not often any more. Kaithians will normally only have as many pregnancies as there are genders with the proper genetilia, so a family can grow upwards to have 8-12 children in a relationship with four people, all able to become pregnant; normally this isnt a case, as families average out to only have 2-6 children. In society, kissing is seen as respectful, and as a sign of trust, along with love. formal kisses are normally on the cheeks. Coiling one's tails around each other is also a sign of great affection and protection towards the other half of the relationship or friendship.

Children: Kaithian children, also know as Kats, are generally really playful, and will poke curiosity at almost anything around them. For the first few months of their life, they breastfeed from their mothers, and always walk on all fours. later in life they learn to walk bipedally, but they don't ever lose the want to trot around on all fours. Kats gain theory of mind at about the age of five, and they start questioning more than ever before. Kat's go to school for 12 grades, like humans, and will often go to universities to learn ever more. Teen years are when Kaithians start to form relationships with others, and often they will take the side of their lover before their parents. Kathian couples will normally adopt others into their relationships later in life.

Communication: Kaithians can naturally speak Kathish at the age of 5, after that, they can learn any language that interests them. If Kathians do not wish to speak physically, it is possible for them to speak somewhat telepathically. Within a very close distance (one meter), Kaithians are able to share memories and emotions at will if they want to, this includes speaking, images, and other sensory memories. this ability also allows Kathians to think in complete thoughts, rather than incomplete thoughts, like humans, which is also a reason for their high mental ability. Whilst sleeping, this can also cause multiperson dreams, where two or more Kaithian's minds mingle subconsciously to create a single dream shared by those whom they are sleeping with.

Relations with other species: Kaithians are welcoming to almost any race. Many are always fully willing to become friends with those who would take the time out of their day just to scratch behind their ears and pet them. Kaithians, when playful, are nice and cuddly to people who don't mind. other than playing and cuddling, Kaithians normally have strong bonds to outside races, and sometimes are close enough to be symbiotic to their interspecies friends.

Military: While Kaithians aren't a large military force, they make up for it with their advanced technology. Physical disputes between two groups of Kathians are fought with weapons called Laviaths. Laviaths are accurate firearms which fire a concentrated pulse of sound strong enough to knock someone unconscious. Older weapons used by Kaithians are swords called Faleaths, and polearms called Halfares

Homes: Kathian's homes are generally large enough to house the amount of people in a relationship. the architecture of Kathian buildings are very curvy and whimsical in design. the most used part of the property is normally outside, as Kaithians tend to thoroughly enjoy the sun, and oftentimes other weather as well, especially snow.

Stereotypes: Kathian stereotypes include: Sex monsters, for having two sets of genetilia. While true, this is completely false in most cases. Race of rainbows, because their fur and scale colors have nearly unlimited numbers of combinations. Mind readers, because of their limited telepathic ability to speak with one another, though this concept is misunderstood, and some people believe them to be able to read other's minds and reveal their deepest secrets.

Manners: Kaitian manners are normally only used around the dinner table and formal occasions, and not often outside those two occasions, as Kaithians tend to work quietly by themselves, or play with others in their free time.

Superstitions: Kaithians have many superstitions, including luck, and karma. in Kathian society, certain things are considered lucky, and others unlucky. the number 5 is often seen as a common lucky number, though 7 is seen as unlucky. whenever a Kat comes home after playing, and they come inside with dirtied fur, it's seen as lucky, for your Kat is thriving in the world. If a bumblebee visits the your home, your garden will bloom, however, if a wasp visits your home, your garden will wither. Giving to charity will give you good luck. When a lone flower wilts, someone is withdrawn. To reverse bad luck, Kaithians will perform meditation for one minute or longer, as if to sit and expel the back luck, while absorbing the good luck. these are some of many superstitions of the Kathians, and many others come from other races.

Attire: Kaithians rarely wear anything on their hands, feet, or head. what they do wear accommodates their form and is generally minimalistic among a town of their own people, but among other races, they dress normally in tees and shorts. Within their own towns and villages, oftentimes all genders do not wear tops, but all genders do wear bottoms for modesty. Females, F-Kaimales, and Feminine Dimales are not discriminated against by other Kathians for not wearing a top.

Insults and Slang: Commonly used Kaithian slang words, translated into english, include: Soro, a person who plays in the dirt with no regard for cleanliness. Gria, a person who often sleeps outside. Sulta, a person who is inactive or lazy. Sooie, a person who sleeps half the day. Detsta, a crass insult similar to "damn".

Government: Kaithian government consists of a lower house, an upper house, a prime minister, members of parliament, and a people's minister. Constitution consists of a charter of rights and freedoms, an amending formula, and statute. Law is above all in a Kaithian run society, and not even the most powerful can get above it. the Peoples minister is chosen by direct democracy, and in a preferential ballot. this makes sure that everyone picks one person whom will represent the entirety of the people. this is different from the prime minister, who represents the government of the people.

Language: The name of the Kaithian language is Kathish. The language is very flowing, and hard consonants are often softened when a Kaithian speaks another language. (Ex: Garbage, instead of being pronounced GAR-budge, is pronounced GAR-BUZH. same with Tetra, it would be pronounces Teshra, by placing the tongue a little farther back from the teeth. the name Mytia is pronounced misha) Kathish is a difficult language to learn, as nothing is like it, though it's not impossible.

Religion: Kaithian religion involves the belief of multiple gods. Aenthis, the Goddess of Love. Faravaer, the Goddess of Peace. Hathivier, the God of Nature. Phathivoy, the God of Play. and finally, Geradus, the Creator. Oppositely, there’s Kankavius, the Demon of Hatred. Arkantitus, the Demon of War. Daeltantka, the Demon of Death. Fektitkus, the Demon of Pain. And Finally, Skokatakitus, the Destroyer.