Character: montreal

A character created by Ratte.

Official Source says:
Monty is the town handyman, mainly working as a carpenter and potter on his own small farm with his adopted children, Beyle, Tyler, Veran, and Tyrm [Wiki].
He shows an affinity for plants and animals and, despite his size, has a gentle and caring personality.
He is an anthro tigon (dilute faraden). His element is earth.

▼ From the official bios:

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Name: Montreal "Monty"
Age: 48
Sex: M
Race: Dilute faraden
Species: tiger-lion hybrid
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 230lbs
Occupation: handyman, potter, carpenter, farmer
Hometown: Alkabo
Home region: Ramios

- Hair and fur: tan fur, cream subcoat, light brown hair
- Markings: light brown stripes/rings around tail, cream eye lines
- Eye color: grey-blue
- Other features: none
Clothing/Personal Style: casual-- dark shirt with purple vest, dark blue jeans, thick brown or black belt; travels with a small chestplate and pauldrons

Behavior and Personality: warm and welcoming, jolly, very supportive
Skills: pottery, woodworking, animal husbandry, great with kids
Weaknesses: a bit overbearing/overprotective, advancing age and anxiety
Likes: small animals, kids, crafting, farming
Dislikes: destructive insects/blights, poor yields, the condition of the world

Favorite food: peaches
Favorite drink: milk
Favorite location: his farm
Favorite weather: mild, clear, a steady breeze
Favorite color: sage green
Element: earth
Weapon: mace
Themesong: Saltillo - 002 F#m

History: Born a long time ago in the region of Ramios, where he lived until he was about 12, moving just outside a small town in Faradus called Wahkon. Life was generally placid and uneventful as they lived on a small plot of land with their own crops, milking animals, and trees, selling them to Wahkon to get by. Over time, Monty came to notice a general rising trend of grey zone spawns and grew more and more worried about the people and their welfare. In his late teens he took up private physical training so that he could better protect his home against any incidental grey zone spawn, letting his worry fuel his determination for better or for worse. For a few years he took a job as a town protector for Wahkon until he raised enough money to finally move from home around the age of 20. Hearing that a town out east needed better access to food, Monty left Wahkon to move to Candor, taking with him a few belongings and knowledge of defense. He bought a modest house with a barn, later taking in Beyle due to Kasai's circumstances. He later adopted three more children-- Veran, Tyler, and Tyrm, and with each adoption and their circumstances, Monty grew more concerned about his age and ability to protect the ones he loves.

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