Character: photon

A character created by Ratte.

Official Source says:
Photon (PHO-Type 1) started his early life as a security and defense drone for a resource facility, later receiving a great physical upgrade and an AI expansion similar to Ava.
He resembles an anthro ratteguhn and has a kind and curious personality. True to his function, he is very protective.


2015 abstract_background android anthro armor blue_eyes conditional_dnp english_text grey_background hi_res looking_at_viewer machine male model_sheet photon ratte ratteguhn robot simple_background text

Rating: Safe
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Date: March 11, 2015

▼ From the official bios:

[All character bios can be found here]
Name: PHO-Type 1, Photon
Age: 205 (build start), 204 (activation), 203 (AI augmentation event)
Sex: emulated male
Race: Android ratteguhn
Species: temperate rainforest
Height: 6'6" (prototype); 7'0" (restored)
Weight: 250 lbs (prototype); 661lbs (restored)
Occupation: security system, irrigation and power grid administrator (restored)
Hometown: Hinkley
Home region: Faradus

- Hair and fur: none (prototype); dark brown hair, warm beige coat, light cream subcoat, light brown topcoat (restored)
- Markings: none (prototype); light brown blaze, socks, and stripes, with face seams like Avalenna (restored)
- Eye color: sky blue
- Other features: tail fan the same color as hair, steel horns (restored)
Clothing/Personal Style:
prototype: none
casual: jeans, dark-neutral button-up longsleeve shirt, simple brown or black belt, steel ring on left hand (post-story, restored); dark grey bodysuit with specialized steel armor (restored); always wears sensor headgear (restored)

Behavior and Personality: technical/analytical, kind, gentle, protective
Skills: can "talk" to computers, general computer maintenance, critical thinking
Weaknesses: can be easily led astray by emotions, is very heavy, doesn't always know his own strength
Likes: computers, people, learning, butterflies
Dislikes: fire, confrontation, being referred to as an object/tool, loneliness

Favorite food: N/A
Favorite drink: N/A
Favorite location: Candor
Favorite weather: mild-to-warm, sunny, sunset hours
Favorite color: orange
Element: some degree of electricity
Weapon: laser cannon
Themesong: DDRKirby(ISQ) & A-zu-ra - Eject

History: Constructed years ago to serve as the security system for a resource facility, he exhibited strange behaviors such as watching and picking up flowers and insects. PHO's code was applied to other things and observed, but the strange behaviors seemed unique to the PHO-Type 1 system. As the behaviors were harmless, they were passed off as a strange anomaly. With the connection of SYSHINK to SYSCAN, a hidden Catatu sensed the sleep cycles of PHO-Type 1 every day, eventually following the connection to investigate. She augmented and implemented his AI, drastically expanding it, and affixed a soul to the programming using Theta's soul fragment left over from his passing-- what had been causing the behaviors. The researchers were excited, though had no idea how the expansion happened. He was introduced to the greater population, often taking care of employees' children. This came to a halt with the outbreak of a wildfire which took out the town. Photon, not being equipped with sufficient heatsinking or battery power, was helpless to intervene or move with the other residents to other towns. He waited in the town ruins, waiting to see Ava, whom he had seen being constructed, but was forced to part just days before activation.

Main Protagonist of the image series Fault Tolerance.

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