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A game and television series centering around the collection and battling of various creatures. Also the name for those creatures as a collected species. According to the comic books, all pokémon are considered to be one species and the various types are something more akin to breeds.

Additionally, different types of pokémon can reproduce together. Remember to use protection.

2016 absurd_res ambiguous_gender anthro braixen canine clothed clothing crossover equestria_girls equine fangs feathered_wings feathers female fire flaming_tail fox group hair hi_res holding_object holding_pokéball hooves horn human inner_ear_fluff jacket leather leather_jacket legendary_pokémon long_hair mammal multicolored_hair my_little_pony mykegreywolf nintendo one_eye_closed open_mouth pokéball pokémon rapidash stick sunset_shimmer_(eg) talonflame talons team_pose two_tone_hair unicorn v_sign victini video_games wings wink

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Score: 19
User: 2DUK
Date: July 20, 2016 absurd_res ambiguous_gender amphibian ash_greninja ash_ketchum avian bat beak bird blue_skin clothed clothing dragon feathered_wings feathers fingerless_gloves frog fur gastropod gloves goodra green_eyes greninja group hair hat hawlucha hi_res human long_tongue male mammal nintendo noivern open_mouth pikachu pokémon red_eyes rodent scalie smile talonflame talons team_pose teeth tongue video_games wings yellow_eyes yellow_fur 遊_(artist)

Rating: Safe
Score: 12
User: N7
Date: November 07, 2015 2016 ambiguous_gender feral fire fireball hi_res kenshih nintendo pokémon spikes turtonator video_games

Rating: Safe
Score: 3
User: Rad_Dudesman
Date: August 21, 2016 2016 absurd_res alolan_meowth anthro chair claws coin feline fur grey_fur half-closed_eyes hi_res mammal nintendo pokémon regional_variant semi-anthro simple_background sitting solo video_games zigrock001

Rating: Safe
Score: 11
User: Cane751
Date: August 18, 2016

Note that fictional named species such as pokémon should not be tagged as specific real life animals, though broad categories such as canine and rodent can be applied.

And as usual, pokémon are tagged on image-to-image basis by TWYS. For example, Mareep should not be tagged as sheep, but the caprine tag applies if what can be seen resembles one.

▼ Generation I (1-151)
▼ Generation II (152-251)
▼ Generation III (252-386)
▼ Generation IV (387-493)
▼ Generation V (494-650)
▼ Generation VI (650-721)
▼ Generation VII (722-801)

List unfinished, please feel free to add the rest.

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