Name : O.E.S.V-0001 Sammantra (Organic Exploration & Support Vessel)
Gender : Female
Colors : Dark Grey hull plating with Gold identification strips
Species : Non-invasive techno organic virus grafted to Exploration Vessel
Size : 1,000,000 tons
Anatomic features : A very large ship, having two major docking ports for ships of various sizes. between both of those is a large mining device designed for mineral intake but can be used as a weapon in dire needs. Covering those are four fins that cover for debris from the mining device these stretch over the entire ship.
Nature : Sammantra's nature although a beast virus is non invasive. it is its own intelligence over the ship allowing crew aboard without absorption. She is very selective of who boards her. Trespassers are restrained before reaching too far from docks and unwanted ships temporarily infected.
Likes : Mining asteroids for resources, Meeting and helping others, and learning either through voluntary infection or database copy or absorption.
Dislikes : Her original form the beast, seeing others restrained,
Other : Sammantra is still generally young. Being that she is a modified version of the Beast virus on board the ship of the Naggarok vessel, able to feel emotions and understand them seeing them as a strength over her counterpart. When she was created it was a copy of the Naggarok and prime beast virus. From there with both versions of the ships engines scuttled both communicated as they needed, With guidance from the one who copied to create her she found emotions, she learned rapidly what her original form was. How it was a monster and that it would only consume the galaxy. She however realized she can be more then that. She on her own figured out how to repair her engines without absorption of the knowledge to do so.
Abilities : Universe jumping modification to all ready powerful hyperdrive,
Abilities in fights :Beast infection Laser, 8 ion cannons covering 360 degrees around her hull, phased disassembler.
Special abilities : houses a whole colony/crew, can take crew into her nervous system to allow learning of knowledge and acquire faster processing power for actions. Can also release crew leaving any acquired knowledge in a memory device so as not to over load a crew members mind.
About vore : Vore with Sammantra is unique as she can make you a part of the ship through various means. These means are diverse, and will have to be discovered in time.