Character: shakarri (scrungusbungus)

Female Gnoll, SO of ivar, character of scrungusbungus

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2018 5_fingers 7th-r abs alcohol aliasing anthro arm_support armlet armor beer beer_mug beverage big_breasts biped black_eyes blush bragging breasts brown_background brown_fur brown_hair brown_spots brown_theme cape cleavage clothed clothing crop_top cup dialogue digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) drunk ear_piercing ears_back english_text eyelashes facial_scar female fist flying_sweatdrops freckles fur gnoll grey_nose hair half-length_portrait holding_beverage holding_cup holding_object humanoid_hands hyena ivar_(scrungusbungus) laugh leaning leaning_back leaning_on_elbow leather leather_armor long_hair mammal midriff muscular muscular_female navel neck_tuft notched_ear open_mouth open_smile panties piercing portrait scar shakarri_(scrungusbungus) sharp_teeth shirt shoulder_tuft side_view simple_background slurred_speech smile solo speech_bubble spots spotted_fur spotted_hyena standing sweat sweatdrop teeth text tuft unconvincing_armor underwear warrior

Rating: Questionable
Score: 25
User: DiceLovesBeingBlown
Date: February 20, 2018 ↑25 ♥74 C1 Q <3 anthro anus axe balls big_butt black_pawpads blush breasts brown_eyes butt canine chest_tuft claws clothed clothed_sex clothing cowgirl_position domination drooling duo ear_piercing fangs female female_domination gnoll grin half-closed_eyes holding_butt human human_on_anthro hyena interspecies ivar_(scrungusbungus) larger_female male male/female male_on_anthro mammal mane melee_weapon nude on_top outside pawpads penetration penis piercing pussy rakkuguy saliva sex shakarri_(scrungusbungus) side_boob size_difference sky smaller_male smile spots submissive submissive_male teeth toe_claws tuft vaginal vaginal_penetration weapon

Rating: Explicit
Score: 82
User: spankweasel
Date: January 18, 2018 ↑82 ♥284 C7 E P anthro armor axe body_armor brown_eyes chest_tuft claws clothed clothing duo ear_piercing fangs female gnoll grin helmet horn horned_helmet human hyena ivar_(scrungusbungus) larger_female male mammal mane melee_weapon navel neck_tuft outside piercing rakkuguy shakarri_(scrungusbungus) size_difference sky smaller_male smile spots standing teeth tuft unconvincing_armor weapon

Rating: Safe
Score: 72
User: spankweasel
Date: January 18, 2018 ↑72 ♥243 C5 S C