General: submissive female

Use this when a female character is either looking submissive to invite/tease/etc (such as presenting her rear end to the viewer) or is actively getting dominated (such as being facesat on).

2017 against_wall bedroom_eyes big_breasts breasts butt claws ear_piercing elise_(thedeadwalk89) female hair half-closed_eyes hand_on_butt hi_res lizard looking_at_viewer looking_back maraart_(artist) nails naughty_face nipples non-mammal_breasts nude piercing pointy_ears presenting presenting_hindquarters pussy reptile scalie seductive side_boob solo submissive_female tongue tongue_out

Rating: Explicit
Score: 14
User: magictaco
Date: July 23, 2017 2017 against_wall amber_eyes anthro anus bent_over big_butt blush butt canine clothed clothing door eyewear female fur furstang glasses grey_fur hi_res looking_at_viewer looking_back mammal pants_down partially_clothed presenting presenting_anus presenting_hindquarters presenting_pussy pussy solo submissive_female

Rating: Explicit
Score: 71
User: Peekaboo
Date: July 19, 2017 2017 anthro areola arms_tied armwear bdsm big_eyes bit_gag bound breasts bridle brown_fur canine clothing disembodied_hand drooling duo elbow_gloves eyelashes eyeshadow female fox fur gag gagged gloves harness hoof_gloves inner_ear_fluff inside leather_harness looking_up makeup mammal multicolored_fur nipples orange_fur petplay pink_areola pink_nipples ponyplay purple_eyes pussy_juice reins roleplay rope rope_bondage ruaidri saliva solo_focus submissive_female teeth white_fur

Rating: Explicit
Score: 112
User: HansPorn
Date: July 04, 2017

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Date: September 04, 2017 ↑64 ♥188 C0 E <3 abdominal_bulge absurd_res ahegao animate_inanimate anthro asomium bear bed blush cartoon_network clothed clothing cum cum_in_pussy cum_in_uterus cum_inside cum_on_penis digital_media_(artwork) duo ejaculation excessive_cum female female_focus grabbing_sheets hi_res implied_impregnation internal legwear looking_pleasured male male/female male_penetrating mammal open_mouth orgasm paper partially_clothed penetration penis piercing pussy shaking socks solo_focus spread_legs spreading submissive_female teeth teri_(tawog) the_amazing_world_of_gumball thigh_highs tongue tongue_out trembling uterus vaginal vaginal_penetration wet

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Date: September 04, 2017 ↑13 ♥33 C7 E 2017 abstract_background anthro anus big_butt butt butt_focus caprine catnapstar female fur glowing glowing_pussy hair huge_butt humanoid kindred_(lol) lamb_(lol) league_of_legends mammal nude presenting presenting_anus presenting_hindquarters presenting_pussy pussy pussy_anus riot_games sheep solo spreading submissive_female video_games white_fur white_hair

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