Character: syscan

A character created by Ratte.

▼ From the official bios:

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Name: Candor System "SYSCAN"
Age: 215 (project begins); 213 (project finished/activated)
Sex: appears female
Race: mainframe computer; avatar appears pure faraden
Species: appears lagomorph/rabbit
Dimensions: 6'0" x 7'0" x 3'0"
Weight: est ~8500lbs
Occupation: Candor hydropower grid and irrigation system
Hometown: Candor
Home region: Faradus

- Hair and fur:
overworld: none (black and dark grey frame, silver keyboard)
avatar: medium-grey topcoat, light silver subcoat
- Markings:
overworld: none (black lettering on keys, white lettering on side components)
avatar: dark grey ear tips, back, nose, and tail; light silver socks
- Eye color:
overworld: none (white, yellow, green, and red system lights)
avatar: orange
- Other features: none
Clothing/Personal Style:
overworld: none
avatar: solid sage green qipao dress, black slacks, dull brown apron, two silver bracelets per wrist; wears hair in a loose bun with a red ribbon

Behavior and Personality: calm, motherly, generally quiet
Skills: can communicate with other systems, can modify viruses/other programs, micromanaging
Weaknesses: body is stationary and heavy, unable to defend outer components from outside threats
Likes: modifying viruses, learning, ensuring stability
Dislikes: confrontation, being referred to as an object/tool, being stationary

Favorite food:
overworld: N/A
avatar: blueberry pancakes
Favorite drink:
overworld: N/A
avatar: arnold palmer
Favorite location: datascape cottage
Favorite weather: clear
Favorite color: bright yellow
Element: electricity
Weapon: lock
Themesong: A-zu-ra - Spores of the Sky

History: SYSCAN was designed to be the mainframe computer for some larger connected machines, in particular a small subterranean hydroelectric grid and a ground irrigation/fertilization system, later adding solar panels and a few small wind turbines. These systems help to collect and supply the town with electricity and fertile soil, as most of the "natural" soil in the area don't easily sustain crops. SYSCAN was connected to SYSHINK in Hinkley for better monitoring on Lycaena's part if or when needed, and was built and programmed by Lycaena and a crew of other faradens from Hinkley. In a quick-and-dirty means to keep the project away from public view, SYSCAN was assembled and activated in Lycaena's home basement in north Candor. Upon Lycaena's passing, part of her soul traveled to join with SYSCAN, living on in her greatest creation to watch over Candor. The strange presence attracted Catatu to SYSCAN's location, visiting out of curiosity to find the hulking mainframe but an unexplainable feeling coming from within it. Infiltrating the computer, Catatu found the reason for this feeling and formed a soul (with AI expansion), bestowing it to SYSCAN and developing an avatar for her to take form. Strangely, the feeling still persisted even after bestowing SYSCAN a soul, and some further hunting led Catatu to Antivirus: Alteration v. 13, or AVA-13. After some careful monitoring of this program, it seemed to be capable of thinking, learning, and planning, very much like what was expected out of one with a soul fragment. Catatu collected energy to form a soul (with AI expansion) for this strange program as SYSCAN collected data, the both of them incorporating their components to the program, forming the basis of Avalenna's programming. SYSCAN continues to carefully guard Candor, both as a system and as an elemental keeper, maintaining connection with Avalenna (and Photon later on) as the story progresses and their roles are needed.

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