Character: tokoyami

A character created by Ratte.

▼ From the official bios:

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Name: Tokoyami
Age: ~500
Sex: N/A
Race: corruption
Species: omnitype
Height: varies
Weight: varies
Occupation: energy imbalance
Hometown: Ash Lake
Home region: Faradus

- Hair and fur: ash black husk body
- Markings: deep red "scale" bordering and striations on face, forearms, and legs
- Eye color: deep red
- Other features: eyes can shift between passive and aggressive types
Clothing/Personal Style: N/A

Behavior and Personality: destructive, confused, sad, pained
Skills: free manipulation of negative energy, seeking out presence based on energy, physically powerful
Weaknesses: red striations on body, self-destructive, wild and confused behavior, acts on instinct
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A

Favorite food: N/A
Favorite drink: N/A
Favorite location: doesn't stay in one place very long
Favorite weather: N/A
Favorite color: N/A
Element: negative energy
Weapon: teeth, horns, claws, tail, negative energy
Themesong: Zack Hemsey - Nice To Meet Me (Instrumental)

History: Tokoyami was the result of mass death occurring from the Great Faraden War, a vicious period of battles primarily between both pure and dilute faraden groups. When someone dies, their energy is released slowly as they pass, including negative energy. Normally this energy would be quickly compensated by the other energies of the world, but with each death, from the beginning of the conflict, that energy took longer and longer to dissipate, to the point of becoming visible to the naked eye before vanishing. The large death counts of the quasi-genocide led to huge waves of negative energy spilling into the energy sphere of the world, as that energy could no longer dissipate and, instead, remained in the overworld. Come the final clash of the two sides, the loss of life was enough to reach the tipping point and the energy seemed to collect and act on its own, fueled by both the spill of energy from those lost and the large reservoirs of energy in each person in the battle. The angry, terrified, and lonely cloud of red collected into a dense mass, seeking solace for the emotional turmoil by absorbing Silas to calm itself as it collected soul ash to form its husk. It reigned over even the guardians and forces that came to intervene, though it was certainly weakened from the intervention. Confused, angry, and afraid, it fled in search of the elemental hosts and the guardian and force they kept. Its motive, however, is unclear-- does it want to kill the hosts so that the guardians and forces don't heal? Does it want to collect, absorb, and convert the power within the guardians and forces to dominate the energy sphere? Does it, perhaps, want to absorb the energy to neutralize its own? With every person is an explanation, but nobody knows which is the truth, if any.

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